“Yummy, yummy, yummy I’ve got chockie mousse in my tummy”. Look, it’s true… we are all going slightly insane and suffering from Covid-19 Confinement Craziness and I am trapped here in Madagascar behind two electric fences and a wall, viewing (with jealousy), the outside world going about their day! I, unfortunately,  do not have the luxury of being able to go grocery shopping at the supermarket in town, so am stuck having to purchase weird and wonderful grocery items that are available every now and again at the little shop on site or get smuggled in by one of the local drivers!

I realise we are not in war times, but ingenuity in the kitchen and being ‘culinary creative’ is the key when you don’t have your usual items in the fridge or the pantry. This week was very exciting, as when I raided the ‘store’, to my delight I found two tins of coconut cream AND a selection of local chocolate bars, both of which are quite fabulous and useful in their own right! Having stepped back into the role of a Stepford Miners Wife, my whole world now revolves around my man, (ahem!) so I wanted to whip up a special dessert for Date Night! Why not put a tropical twist on a french classic, I thought. To my astonishment, it actually worked and I was so chuffed about it that I decided to share it with YOU! There is no recipe and only really two ingredients as I just made it up on the spot out of sheer desperation and a severe lack of stock! I’m sure it has probably been done before, but to hell with it… it’s MY confinement recette and I’ll cook and post it if I want too! Enjoy!


1 x Block of dark or milk chocolate (or a combination if you’re feeling wild)?

1/2 x Tin of coconut cream chilled in fridge overnight (not milk)?

1 x teaspoon of sugar (any type you have on hand or honey) *optional*

A splash of cold black coffee *optional* (I just happened to have some left over that I forgot to drink and so threw that in as well)!

PS: Please feel free to play around with the measurements for personal taste and quantity.


1: Take all that pent up confinement frustration and (whilst still in wrapper), smash the chocolate to smithereens   by bashing on the kitchen bench. Not a very Masterchef technique I’m sure, but they weren’t in lockdown!

2: Gradually melt chocolate in microwave or over a bain-marie if being posh, till it has melted but not seized. If chocolate seizes (goes hard and crusty) re constitute with cold coffee or just start again if you have extra chocolate. Simples!

3: Open coconut cream and put in a bowl. Make sure it’s cold or it won’t whip. If using a sweetener, add to the cream and then whip with electric whisk or by hand (I had to do it manually as I have no beaters here and got a cramp but soldiered on?) till it is as stiff as possible. Don’t over whip or it goes liquid again. I’ve never whisked coconut cream before and didn’t even know you could, but there you go! It won’t be as airy as fresh cream but it will do. (This is all starting to sound rather rude and sexual and that was not the intention …or maybe that’s just my filthy mind running away from me as usual. I warned you I was going cray cray)!

4: Combine melted chocolate with coconut cream and mix well. Pour into your prettiest glasses, ramekins or tea cups.

5: Chill in fridge for a minimum of 2 hours and voilà! A delicious and healthy-ish dessert made in less than 5 minutes!

6: Decorate with cooled, toasted almond slithers/flakes (any nut of choice really) or chocolate shavings and serve!

*Makes 4

…”Always keep a smile on your face, love in your heart and chocolate in your mouth”…Anonymous

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