“Discover your own journey through the movement of others”…THE FIRST BLOG!

I have moved house more than 20 times, lived in 5 different countries and have visited many wonderful places so far. Many of these were visited many years ago and I have not written about them as yet, but one day I will hopefully pen some fantastic blogs for you! Needless to say that I indeed ‘MOVE A LOT‘!

This kind of  lifestyle is referred to as being ‘peripatetic’ loosely meaning constantly on the move and I also refer to myself as a gypsy (which is far more romantic). It is certainly not for everybody, but I tend to be a trifle odd and find it annoyingly exhilarating! I only really entered this style of living by mistake, because my amazing and gorgeous french partner (I’ll call him MB or Monsieur Bleu) has a career which takes him to strange and wonderful locations and which enables me, when possible, to accompany him! During this time I live and breathe like a local anywhere from one to twelve months and more! I am one very lucky girl. I (we) also love to travel and explore during this time, either around the country we are inhabiting or anywhere near or far depending on our time frame. As long as we have transport of some kind (normally of a two- wheel variety) and there is a beach or a restaurant nearby we are off! Upon saying this though, I must confess to all that I consider myself the world’s WORST packer (even after being a Flight Attendant  for many years I’m still hopeless) and always tend to bring too many shoes and dresses that I never end up wearing! Anyone relate? Travel Resolution number one…downsize that suitcase girl!

The purpose of my ‘blog is a Travel Diary/where to go kind of style. What to do when you get there, where to find things from the best little dress/gift shops and markets to good supermarkets and most importantly, great places to eat and drink! Get the drift? For example: Want to find delicious local restaurants? Let’s taste them! Want to buy a gorgeous top for all to envy? It’s in the bag! Cool jewellery? Done! What to make with all that fresh and fabulous market food you bought? I’ll give you a recipe! The best local beaches? Let me tell you where! Basically, all the good stuff and more that one wants and needs to know when travelling around, along with some personal experiences and memories just to keep it:  Interesting (maybe), Useful (I hope so) and definitely Entertaining!

So…if you or someone you know is anything like me and loves to sun worship on a beach, eat delicious food, discover places, shop, stroll through markets and streets or simply just sit in cafés and people watch, then we already have many things in common! Come sit with me, enjoy a glass of local wine and let us ask that all important question, “hey, what are we going to do tomorrow?” and hopefully, overtime, I will transport you through my moving world and together we can share the journey! Bon Voyage ✈️

…always remember

…”The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness“… Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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