Missmovealot is in quarantine!
That’s a shock to all I’m sure…
Your friend, the International Jetsetter,
is locked in a hotel room, pacing up and down the floor!

At first it wasn’t easy
living like an animal in the zoo,
But she HAD to stick it out…
She HAD to see it through!

She exercised like a nutter,
And read every book in sight,
She was watered and fed three meals a day
as she waited for her home flight.

Staring out from a sealed up window
and watching the world go by,
Some days she felt happy and relaxed…
but some days just made her cry…

No outside area, or balcony for oxygen to come in,
just an air conditioner rattling on and on
Is this prison a kind of punishment?
Did she commit a sin?

Washing clothing in the bathroom sink
and drinking endless cups of tea,
The boredom nearly killed her…
ALL THIS for a bargain $3000 dollar fee!

She made her bed, she wrote her blog,
and listened to music too…
She even had daily calls from nurses asking if she’d been to the loo!

She spoke to friends and family
Who helped her feel ok,
Their endless kind words of encouragement
kept insanity at bay…

It wasn’t ALL bad though…
and Sundays were the best,
That’s when she would perform her beauty routine
in her Confinement Day Spa nest!

She had regular COVID-19 tests
On day two and on day ten,
Guards stationed outside in the hall way
and daily patrols by the Army Reserve men.

But the time is coming now to leave,
She can see the end in sight…
No more standing on tiptoes idly staring through the peephole
like a Meerkat at first light!

“I’m grateful for the experience!” she will say,
feeling detoxed, triumphant and hardcore…
“No booze or cigs have passed these lips!”
she preaches, whilst bolting through the door!

She can’t wait to be back home in Brisbane
catching up with her besties there,
Or just walking in the sunshine and breathing New Farm’s fresh, clean air…

How long she will be home for now?
For that, we can’t be sure…
Missmovealot needs her passport stamped again,
as there are many more places still left for her to explore!

See you all again soon!
Love Missmovealot ❤️?xxx

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