3 x medium ripe yellow mangoes
1 x small bunch coriander
1 x small of bunch chives or spring onion
8 x cherry tomatoes

handful of peanuts

1 x snake bean
1 x small bunch of beans sprouts
1 x lime


2 x small red chillies, cut finely (use less or more as to your taste!)
2 x coriander stalks with leaves
2 x tablespoons of fish sauce
1 x teaspoon of white vinegar
1 x teaspoon of sesame oil
1 x teaspoon of toasted sesame seeds or black sesame seeds
ground black pepper
1 x teaspoon of raw sugar
juice of one lime


First, lightly toast the sesame seeds and set aside to cool.

Now let’s make this spectacular Spicy Dressing! Pluck off a few coriander leaves and chop the stalks into small pieces. Grab a small bowl and put ALL the dressing ingredients into it (don’t forget the toasted sesame seeds) and energetically whisk with a fork. TASTE IT! It should be salty, spicy, sweet and sour all at once! Add more lime juice if not sour enough or more fish sauce if salt is needed. More sugar bit by bit if you want it sweeter too, as this recipe can take it! If it’s too spicy (NEVER!) ‘cause of the chilli, don’t panic as it will tame down once it’s poured onto the mango!

TASTE AGAIN and then put aside!

Second, toast your peanuts and set aside to cool. No-one likes their nuts too hot. Next, get out your best chopping board and slice all the cherry tomatoes into halves and put aside. Now, let’s tackle these mangoes! WORD OF WARNING… be prepared for this to be a messy job! Take the skins off all the mangoes then take a peeler (or knife) and slice or peel all the flesh.  Julienne (posh culinary word for cut into thin strips) the mango and put aside. (This is both messy and challenging as depending on the ripeness of your mangoes, you will get all different results. Don’t worry! It’s a rustic salad and it all adds to the charm!) …suck the life out of all the mango stones before disposal!
CLEAN EVERYTHING! Board, self, bench etc as I will guarantee there will be juice and pulp everywhere (or maybe it’s just me??!)

Third, select your largest and most gorgeous plate – ( you know, the one that you got for your wedding and just sits in the cupboard and is ‘too good to use’??) THAT ONE…!

With your hands,  mix together the green and yellow mango segments and cherry tomatoes and artistically pile onto gorgeous plate. Take your toasted peanuts and sprinkle over mango with wild abandon! Chop raw snake beans into 3cm chunks and add to salad! Re-whisk your sexy Spicy Dressing and pour it all over the salad. Add a few bean sprouts and scissored chives or (spring onion) and garnish your masterpiece with sprigs of fresh coriander and a lime cheek! PHEW!!

Serve with either Chicken, Fish or Prawns and a crisp Pinot Grigio! It’s a delicious summer salad and you will quickly become very popular! Enjoy!

Ps: I made this for my French Mother -in- Law once and she adored it so it MUST be good!

I am not a glutton – I am an explorer of food”… Erma Bombeck

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